CanaanLaw is an intellectual property law firm that specializes in patent preparation, patent and trademark prosecution, patent and trademark portfolio management, intellectual property strategic counseling, and patent and trademark opinions and analyses.

Patent Preparation and Prosecution

The attorneys at CanaanLaw have extensive experience in the preparation and prosecution of patent applications in the biotechnology, chemical, pharmaceutical, medical, and green tech industries. In addition to subject matter expertise, the attorneys at CanaanLaw have in depth knowledge of the legal principles that govern the preparation and prosecution of high quality patent and trademark applications.

The attorneys at CanaanLaw are experienced in searching, analyzing, prosecuting, and maintaining domestic and international trademark portfolios.

Portfolio Management

CanaanLaw has the resources to maintain a patent and trademark portfolio from cradle to grave. Such management includes incorporating all patent and trademark cases into an electronic docketing system, keeping track of US and foreign filing dates, and attending to payments of maintenance fees and renewals.

Strategic Counseling

The attorneys at CanaanLaw are experienced in assisting start-up and large companies alike in obtaining the most value from their intellectual property portfolios. Such counseling includes reviewing patent and trademark portfolios to determine if the portfolios adequately support a company’s product and making adjustments to the portfolio as necessary in order to obtain the highest value possible from the intellectual property in view of a company’s economic needs.

Opinions and Analyses

The attorneys at CanaanLaw are experienced in preparing the full range of patent legal opinions, including patentability, trademark registrability, patent and trademark freedom-to-operate, patent and trademark invalidity, and patent and trademark non-infringement opinions.

In addition to the foregoing, the attorneys at CanaanLaw are experienced in assisting clients in analyzing third party infringement positions and making the legal determinations on the types of actions to take against potential and actual infringers.